Friday, September 6, 2013

Cristal's New Blog.

So I just edited the last post explaining that I started a new blog, It's more of a general blog instead of a beauty blog. It ill be more of my experience with college and my daily life. Also a bit of rants and a bit of kpop. I will probably post nail designs on there and some makeup posts. Since It's my own blog and more general I guess I have more freedom and will have more motivation. Please follow if you would like of course I will follow back :).


New Blog:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's been a nice ride..

Hello pretties!

This blog will be no longer.  I've decided to spread my wings and begin a new blog. We've both enjoyed this lovely experience very much! Were thankful for all who've read this blog and followed it! I'll link where you can find us and my new blog.

[Cristal] I started a blog but it's more about my experience in college. I will probably include any nail designs I do and makeup I buy or any hauls. I like to write and tell stories more than just sitting down and talk about makeup. Probably why I haven't posted much on this blog.

Thank You!

-Cristal & Lupe

Cristal's IG: Squeegy4274

New Blog:

Cristal's new blog:

Monday, August 26, 2013

BA STAR Deep Plum Star Dust Review

Hello gals!
I've recently been playing with BA Star's Deep Plum Star Dust. It is a loose mineral shadow that has great pigmentation. They specialize in makeup for dancers and cheerleaders. They have makeup for everybody though! Below I've swatched the shadow without a base and a base. 
I wore this for a couple of hours and it held up well with the Body Shimmer Base. The base comes in a lip gloss like tube and applicator. I did get some fallout though. I like how the shadow can be buildable. I love that in a shadow!

Left (No base) Right (Body Shimmer Base)
To tone down the look, I highlighted my inner corner and added a mauve color in the crease. The base and mineral shadows are priced at $8.75.

You can get your Star Dust at

For 50% off through Sept. 30,2013:

-LUPE :)


*Samples provided through Brand Backer

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Playing with Makeup

So today I decided to play with my makeup and see what I could great by picking two of my favorite colors. I picked purple and silver. 

Of course i applied foundation and bit of eyeshadow primer. For summer I don't like to put on heavy foundation since it easily melts off my face. I add a bit of concealer where needed and set it with mineral powder. 

1.) With this dark purple shadow (has a blue ish shimmer to it) I applied it to my outer "V" and crease. I slightly went above my crease.

2.) With this lighter purple I then applied it to my outer half of my eyelid. I patted the color on so it will be bolder. I then blended any harsh edges slightly bringing the color into my inver corner.

3.) With this silver color (is lighter in person) I applied it to my other half of my eyelid and blended it. 

4.) With this dark gray I applied it to my outer "V".

5.) I highlighted my inner corner with this shimmery white.

6.) I then lined my upper lash line. Most prefer a thin line but I prefer it slightly thicker.

7.) Finally I added mascara and curled my lashes. 

*You can add false lashes but since I apply my eyeliner thick I don't pay much attention to my lashes.

*You can also line your lower lash line but I rarely line mine. It's more like an either or for me.

Hope you guys like the look. Because its shimmer it didn't come out well on camera. It's more purple in real life. 

Until next time :D


Monday, July 22, 2013

Not Enough Glitter!!

:D sooooo... I'm finally posting something. I've been on a large hiatus due to school and other projects that have come up. I'm trying to enjoy my last summer. I'm going to be going to college soon and I'm going to study my bum off xD. 

So today My friend and I decided to have some fun with glitter. :D. I don't know about you guys but I LOVE glitter. ^-^ it's always something I try to include on every nail design I make. 

So my friend did the top 3 pictures on the collage. She was mainly trying out my glitter nail polish collection :D I'm  going to do a post about that in a week or so :) 

I did the design on the bottom four nails. I was using glitter for the background an random designs on top of the glitter. It was more of an experiment than an actual planned design. I was trying out a few of my tools out. 

I had fun today with my friend. I always find it more fun and relaxing when your doing your nails with a friend or family member. :) And glitter just makes it even more fun ;D lol 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Summer Sapphire [Private brand eyeshadow]

I bought this eyeshadow at a booth at the show I forgot the name of the private brand its from. I wasn't a big fan of the color at first since it came darker than it looked.  When I paired it and blended it with black eyeshadow I thought it looked nice. I found this eyeshadow worked better without a primer. It blended well and it has a slight shimmer but barely noticeable. I think the packing was so awesome. it has a secret compartment that has a mirror and it also came with an sponge applicator. Over all I did like this eyeshadow ^-^ even though I'm not that fond of dark colors usually.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bloom Eyeshadow in Lagoon

I got this eyeshadow in January when It was on sale. I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue eyeshadow! ^-^ I have a huge collection ._. . Anyways... Its nicely pigmented its an ok blender. It has a silver shimmer to it. I found it works better on me without a eyelid primer. Why I don't know. I thought the packaging was cute and It has a mirror.

-Punky :D

Tease Pretty in Pinks face kit collection [American Beauty Show Haul pt.1]

This is from their spring collection. They are pretty soft colors. They apply lightly but its more for softer look. I think this is perfect to wear to school [even though I mostly wear colorful and bold eyeshadow to school]. My favorites out of this palette is the whole bottom row ^-^. 

*I believe I got this for $2.
*Sorry for the semi-bad quality of the pictures I took these and edited them on my phone and the quality went down a bit and it doesn't help that they are shimmery. 

-Punky ^-^

American Beauty Show Pictures:
Other Beauty Show Hauls:
[coming soon]

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rainbow and Clouds Nail Art

The Sky Color: Essie Borrowed & Blue 
Clouds: Apple Barrel White
Red: Cina Red Nail Art Pen
Orange: Essie Braziliant
Yellow: Lemon Scented Nail Polish from 5 and Below
Green: China Glaze Electric Pineapple
Blue: Kiss Brush On Soft Blue
Purple: California Nails Purple [no specific name]

I did these for St. Patricks day ^-^
-Punky :D

Swirl Nail Art

Base Color: Wet n Wild Megalast in Under Your Spell
Design Color: Apple Barrel in Key West
-Punky ^-^

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Neon Green Nail Art

I used Mint by L.A.COLORS as my base color. On my ring and middle finger I put Inmate in Love by spoiled which was a crackle nail polish. Then on those two fingers I also put dots of the Mint nail polish and I used Apple Barrel Paint in the color Tropic Orange. Then On my middle finger I put random lines. Finally I put Chic Confetti by ELF on all my nails. 

Mint Swatch

This was just a Random design.


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Tinker Bell Inspired Nail Art.

American Beauty Show :D

I attended The American Beauty Show Last month with my Mom. I was only able to attend the one of the days due to school. I wanted to post these pictures sooner and the hall but with my busy school schedule I haven't really been able to post anything Dx. Well these are the pictures I took during the CHI presentation I watched with my mom. I <3 their products!! They had amazing hair stylists working at the show.  

Yes that really is her hair.
The things I bought will be posted on later today and through out the week ^-^ its mostly eyeshadow and nail polish xD.

Links to what I got: