Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Neon Green Nail Art

I used Mint by L.A.COLORS as my base color. On my ring and middle finger I put Inmate in Love by spoiled which was a crackle nail polish. Then on those two fingers I also put dots of the Mint nail polish and I used Apple Barrel Paint in the color Tropic Orange. Then On my middle finger I put random lines. Finally I put Chic Confetti by ELF on all my nails. 

Mint Swatch

This was just a Random design.


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  1. Great nail art! Love it. It would be great if you could maybe check out my newest nail look, which is my "spring nails", from a fellow nail art lover! Hahaa, great blog post hope your having a lovely day!

    1. Thank You! :D
      I did check it out and followed!