Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Playing with Makeup

So today I decided to play with my makeup and see what I could great by picking two of my favorite colors. I picked purple and silver. 

Of course i applied foundation and bit of eyeshadow primer. For summer I don't like to put on heavy foundation since it easily melts off my face. I add a bit of concealer where needed and set it with mineral powder. 

1.) With this dark purple shadow (has a blue ish shimmer to it) I applied it to my outer "V" and crease. I slightly went above my crease.

2.) With this lighter purple I then applied it to my outer half of my eyelid. I patted the color on so it will be bolder. I then blended any harsh edges slightly bringing the color into my inver corner.

3.) With this silver color (is lighter in person) I applied it to my other half of my eyelid and blended it. 

4.) With this dark gray I applied it to my outer "V".

5.) I highlighted my inner corner with this shimmery white.

6.) I then lined my upper lash line. Most prefer a thin line but I prefer it slightly thicker.

7.) Finally I added mascara and curled my lashes. 

*You can add false lashes but since I apply my eyeliner thick I don't pay much attention to my lashes.

*You can also line your lower lash line but I rarely line mine. It's more like an either or for me.

Hope you guys like the look. Because its shimmer it didn't come out well on camera. It's more purple in real life. 

Until next time :D



  1. hi cristal, what eye primer did you use? i am beginning to learn that my eye lids need a primer that has a skin tone color. any suggestions? :)

    1. Well I currently switch between two. The first one I use is a concealer and an eyeshadow base (light) from audrey morris which is a private company so it may be hard to find. The second one I use is the e.l.f. eyelif primer and I use the sheer one. I used the e.l.f. One when I did this look. I would recommend it for sure. :) it's also just a dollar and works

  2. Thanks for the question and reading :D Have a great day.